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The 2022-2027 Egmont Group Strategic Plan is Now Available – Turning Aspirations into Outcomes

Through the recently adopted Egmont Group’s (EG) 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, the EG aims to position itself at the heart of a more efficient and effective global anti-money laundering and the counter-financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) ecosystem.

The result of an extensive stakeholder engagement process, this strategic plan’s ambitious vision, where member FIUs maximize their potential domestically and internationally, leverages the core components of the EG’s mission:

  • To facilitate financial information and intelligence product exchanges between FIUs internationally
  • To enable cooperation between FIUs to strengthen their capabilities and increase their overall effectiveness

Over the next five years, the EG commits itself to being an agile, trustworthy, diverse, and inclusive organization that proactively anticipates emerging AML/CFT risks, enabling FIUs to react accordingly while treating all members equally regardless of size, maturity, or national context.

Through living these values, the EG aspires to:

  • Be recognized by its members and stakeholders as a cornerstone of the AML/CFT ecosystem
  • Play an essential and facilitating role in analyzing and collating FIU-produced financial intelligence and knowledge-sharing globally
  • Promote continuous improvements in bilateral and multilateral information sharing among FIUs, including embracing up-to-date technology
  • Enable greater operational effectiveness via targeted member support and training, enhancing the FIU network’s collective impact on AML/CFT effectiveness
  • Strengthen global AML/CFT by maximizing EG members’ potential to deliver effective outcomes and enhancing coordination and intelligence sharing in an increasingly complex multi-stakeholder landscape
  • Enhance its role as an effective operational arm that international stakeholders and FIUs can count on to help track and trace international criminal money flows efficiently and effectively

The EG will focus on Four Thematic Areas of Action with Strategic Goals to fulfill its aspirations over the next five years:

  1. Enhance the framework for effective information exchange between FIUs
  2. Strengthen cooperation with international partner organizations
  3. Develop and promote knowledge of new or emerging AML/CFT methods and trends, best practices, and EG requirements
  4. Enhance EG support for members and candidate FIUs

A built-in performance mechanism will periodically evaluate the Strategic Plan’s progress and execution.

While the 2018–2021 Strategic Plan provided a broad framework for action at an aspirational level, the 2022- 2027 Strategic Plan builds upon the previous Plan’s initiatives through carefully articulated strategic direction, turning aspirations into outcomes, and ultimately strengthening the EG’s role in the global AML/CFT field and its capability to help member FIUs be the strongest they can be.

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