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The Egmont Group Thanks Anne-Mette Wadman for Outstanding Contributions to the Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Anne-Mette Wadman has been a public prosecutor for over 20 years, leading an economic crime investigation team and prosecuting the court cases for the first 10 years. Ms. Wadman has been with the Financial Intelligence Unit of Norway for 14 years and oversees legislative issues, policy matters, and international cooperation.

In addition, Ms. Wadman has played an active role in the Egmont Group (EG) and her contributions include serving as Chair of the Membership, Support, and Compliance Working Group (MSCWG) from 2016 to 2018 and Chair of the Policy and Procedures Working Group (PPWG) from 2018 until February 2022.

During her term as Chair of the MSCWG, Ms. Wadman contributed to implementing the Support and Compliance Process and the EG Membership Application Process.

Some recent PPWG projects finalized under her leadership that are currently pending HoFIU approval are:

  • The Project on Addressing Impediments to Information Exchange Between FIUs
  • The Project on the Glossary for Key Egmont Group Terminology

Ms. Wadman was also part of the Egmont Committee’s strategic discussion on implementing the Support and Compliance Process (ongoing) and the PPWG’s work on Revising the Implementation of the Support and Compliance Process – Procedural Trigger 4: Limited Statistical Review.

Also under her leadership, the PPWG provided advice on implementing EG requirements proactively or upon request, as per its mandate. A recent example was when the MSCWG submitted a memorandum to the PPWG requesting advice regarding the correct approach for conducting closer reviews under Procedural Trigger 3 (technical compliance) of the Support and Compliance Process.

The EG would like to thank and recognize Anne-Mette Wadman for her dedicated commitment to the organization, serving as an Egmont Group Committee member for the last five years.

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