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NEWS RELEASE: Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia Hosts Worlds Apart During 28th Egmont Group Plenary

July 11, 2022

RIGA, Latvia – In July, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Latvia will graciously host worlds apart in Riga with hundreds of FIU representatives attending the 28th Egmont Group (EG) Plenary, the first in-person plenary since 2019.

“FIU Latvia is highly competent and eagerly supports the EG’s global collaboration efforts,” exclaims Toms Platacis, acting Head of the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia. “We’re excited to strengthen professional ties, ‘re-shake’ hands after years of meeting virtually, and impress guests with not only Latvia’s recent achievements in the field of AML, but also Latvia’s natural playground, innovative creativity, rich history and heritage, culture, and traditions.”

FIUs annually receive thousands of suspicious transaction reports with links to other countries. Therefore, international partner collaboration is crucial and the reason why, in 1995, facilitating and promoting information exchanges among FIUs formed the framework for today’s widely recognized and highly respected international organization, the EG, consisting of 166 members today and counting.

EG Plenaries’ central theme generates strategic, focused, and consequential meetings that produce tangible, take-home results. This year’s theme New Ways to Drive FIU Effectiveness in a Risk-Based Environment, is featured in discussions throughout the week, is the final Heads of FIU meeting focus, and covers multilateral information-sharing mechanisms, governing and prioritizing domestic and international cooperation, and enhancing FIUs’ role in domestic AML/CFT systems.

“Surprising the world with ideas and skills is part of Latvian nature, and our history has made us into imaginative, alert, and tough problem-solvers who swiftly react and adapt to complex situations,” continues Mr. Platacis. “We’re keen on contributing our skills and ideas to this year’s theme of finding New Ways to Drive FIU Effectiveness in a Risk-Based Environment. Combining our Latvian qualities with colleagues’ additional and various attributes in a safe and green environment will aid us in envisioning and fostering unique methods and solutions to increase FIU effectiveness in a risk-based environment, with the added bonus of worldly spirit.”

Latvia lies between the forest and sea and ancient traditions and new technology. This disparity connects individuals who together create new and unexpected combinations and discover ways to combine the incompatible harmoniously. There is no place better to reunite and connect colleagues from worlds apart with shared mutual goals.

“Our success as the 28th EG Plenary host will be determined by delegates’ collective and productive work leading to continued and deeper collaboration, our ability to warmly welcome and care for our guests, and our colleagues’ newfound trust in Latvia as a place where world-class problems are solved and people from around the world meet and create meaningful value together,” concludes Mr. Platacis.

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The Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units connects FIUs across the globe and provides a secure platform for exchanging expertise and financial intelligence to combat international money laundering and the financing of terrorism. 

The Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia is an independent authority whose responsibility lies in preventing money laundering in Latvia and eliminating the possibility of using the Latvian financial system to launder money or finance terrorism.

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