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FIUs Role in the Fight Against the Abuse of NPOs for TF Activities Public Summary Report

The Egmont Group is pleased to present a Public Summary Report on FIUs’ Role in the Fight Against the Abuse of NPOs for Terrorist Financing Activities.

The NPO sector poses great challenges for FIUs due to its scale, distinctive structures and nature of the work undertaken. NPOs often work internationally, in or adjacent to conflict-afflicted areas, with those involved in humanitarian missions operating in the same environments and vulnerable populations as terrorist entities. This can render NPOs susceptible to exploitation and even have them complicit with terrorist organizations and their TF activities.

Considering the high risk and considerable global growth of the NPO sector, FIUs play a vital role in identifying and detecting transactions related to TF activities. Moreover, the international nature of NPOs’ activity highlights the importance of international cooperation and timely information sharing between FIUs. This requires the establishment of effective long-term CTF strategies and preventive measures by FIUs and their partner agencies, focusing on operational exchanges, strategic intelligence and analysis.

This report provides a refined understanding of how NPOs are exploited for TF purposes. With a more detailed and nuanced view of NPO risk, this report should also contribute to broader initiatives aimed at preventing unintended consequences for NPOs that are at low or no risk of abuse.

To learn more, download the report.

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