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ECOFEL | Virtual Assets Analysis

The ECOFEL team is pleased to announce the release of a new eLearning course titled “Virtual Assets Analysis.

This course explores how an FIU can build a robust and comprehensive virtual asset strategy, identifies the risks associated with virtual assets and virtual asset service providers, and offers practical information on how virtual asset transactions can be analyzed and what analytical tools can be used.

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand:

  • Risks associated with virtual assets and virtual asset service providers,
  • How virtual assets are associated with, utilized, or abused in specific predicate offences,
  • Techniques and steps that can be applied to analyze virtual asset transactions, and
  • Some of the market’s best-known blockchain analytics firms, how blockchain analytics work, and how they can aid in analyzing virtual asset transactions and activities.

The “Virtual Assets Analysis” course can be accessed on the ECOFEL’s eLearning Platform:

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