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ECOFEL celebrates another year of achievements and expresses its gratitude to its donors

Reflecting on the completion of another fiscal year, the Egmont Centre of FIU Excellence and Leadership (ECOFEL) wants to express gratitude to its donors and members for their invaluable support in ensuring yet another year of excellence and leadership within the global Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) community.

Since launching in 2018, after seed funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (UK), the ECOFEL has established a remarkable track record for delivering innovative, high-quality capacity-building and technical assistance programs to FIUs.

Over the past year, the ECOFEL has significantly impacted the global FIU community through its many projects and initiatives.

Alongside our dynamic e-learning platform, which has empowered FIU personnel worldwide with professional training and knowledge, the ECOFEL has facilitated 15 workshops spanning five continents. Moreover, the successful Global Asset Recovery Conference brought together FIUs and their partner organizations for enriching training sessions. Additionally, through our Targeted Assistance projects, the ECOFEL has directly collaborated with four FIUs, enhancing their capacity. Finally, our ongoing support for three International Financial Intelligence Task Forces is fostering more efficient FIU-to-FIU information exchange. Collectively, these efforts have yielded tangible results in combatting terrorist financing, abuse of virtual assets, and grand corruption. Here’s to another year of progress and collaboration!

In the coming year, in line with ECOFEL’s vision and mission to empower and strengthen FIUs, we are excited to unveil our plans for a Certification Program tailored for the global FIU community. In addition to our existing initiatives, this program will provide Egmont FIUs with the chance to elevate their knowledge in financial intelligence and AML/CFT.

The EG would like to take this opportunity to thank our current core donors for their commitment to excellence and leadership. Their combined contributions have accounted for 78% of the funding received by the ECOFEL program since its inception:

  • Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) – Department of State – U.S.
  • Secretariat for Economic Affairs of the Swiss Confederation (SECO) – Switzerland

We also thank our many other donors (past and present) for their strong support and dedication, who have all made the ECOFEL possible:

  • Anti-Money Laundering Division (AMLD) – Taiwan
  • Australia FIU (AUSTRAC)
  • Government of Monaco (Past donor)
  • Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Saudi Arabia FIU (SAFIU)
  • UK-FIU (Past donor)

The ECOFEL’s activities are fully funded by voluntary contributions from donors. The ECOFEL welcomes new donations from governments, international organizations and FIUs only. Voluntary contributions are approved by all Egmont Group Heads of FIU (currently 174), and equal treatment is a core Egmont rule.

We look forward to continuing our mission to enhance secure information, knowledge, and cooperation exchanges amongst EG Member FIUs to combat money laundering, associated predicate crimes, and terrorist financing.


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