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News and Events

ECOFEL | AML/CFT Workshops West and Central Africa Region

From September 18-21, the ECOFEL will host the “AML-CFT workshops for designated competent authorities in the West and Central Africa Region”. This in-person event will be co-hosted with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) of Ghana, the GIABA Secretariat, and the GABAC Secretariat.  

We start the event with the “Financial Investigative Techniques” training course. This workshop will invite FIU staff, LEAs, and prosecutors from the region to explore the areas examined as part of the mutual evaluation process and further enhance their relevant knowledge and skills in financial investigation.

Following this workshop, participants from the supervisory authorities will also be invited to attend the “Information Sharing between FIUs, LEAs and Supervisory Agencies” training course. This workshop will inform stakeholders on the formal and informal mechanisms for cooperation between FIUs, supervisors, and LEAs and the best practices for effective information sharing between FIUs, LEAs, and supervisory authorities.

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