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Call for Interest: Development of Introduction to Financial Intelligence Unit eLearning Course

Publication date: March 20th 2023
Due date: March 31th 2023, 17:00 EDT (UTC -4)


1.1. Project Summary

The Egmont Centre of FIU Excellence and Leadership (ECOFEL) is accepting proposals from consultants to develop the content of the Introduction to Financial Intelligence Unit eLearning course.
The main target audience for this eLearning course are:

  • FIU staff.


1.2. Purpose & Outputs

The overall aim of the Introduction to Financial Intelligence Unit eLearning course is to enhance learner’s knowledge on FIUs.
This course examines the financial intelligence unit (FIU), its role in the (inter)national AML/CFT regime and addresses the different types of FIU’s. The course also provides information on FIU security and the importance of FIU integrity. Furthermore, this course explains in detail the key functions of an FIU (Receipt, Analysis, Dissemination) and zooms in on other FIU functions and powers as well, like the feedback function, training function, the power to postpone transactions and the supervisory functions some FIUs may have.

Please find below for your consideration some topics/sections to include in the course:

1- Introduction

  • Statements
  • Information sources
  • Learning objectives
  • Target audience
  • Overview course structure

2- Legal Framework

  • Financial Action Task Force Recommendations
  • National Legislation
  • AML/CFT Regulation

3- What is an FIU?

  • Basic concepts
  • National center
  • Types of FIUs

4- FIU Core Functions

  • Receipt
  • Analysis
  • Dissemination
  • Other FIU functions
     Feedback, Training
     Postpone transactions
     Supervisory functions
     AML/CFT national coordination

5- FIU Security

  • Information Security
  • Physical Security

6- Organization & Management

  • Internal Organization
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Staffing

7- Integrity

  • Staff Screening
  • Confidentiality

8- Test & Conclusions

Specific learning objectives: To be discussed with subject matter experts (consultants).

1.3. Objectives

The main objectives of the project are summarized below:

  • Development of content (in English) which can be used for eLearning development.
1.4. Skill Requirements

• Experience in training FIUs.
• Extended knowledge of the work of FIUs.
• Proven drafting capabilities.
• Experience in developing training courses.

1.4.1. Teamwork

• Consultants will work in tandem under the supervision and guidance of the ECOFEL.

1.4.2. Location of Work

• Remotely

1.5. Services

The ECOFEL will:

• Supervise the project.
• Review and approve all course material.
• Evaluate the course by means of a survey.

2. Timelines

2.1. Overview

• March 2023 – Announcement March 20th
• March 2023 – Proposal due March 31th 2023, 17:00 EDT (UTC -4)
• April 2023 – Selection of consultant
• April 2023 – Contract signed with the selected consultant
• September 2023 – Course material finalized
• Nov 2023 – Course release

2.2. Project initial timeline

The initial contract’s duration will be five months after signing the contract. A second contract extension is possible. This second extension could include other (related) topics.

3. Proposal guidelines

3.1. How to Apply

Please submit a written proposal by e-mail to ECOFEL no later than March 31th 2023, 17:00 EDT (UTC -4), with the following subject line: Development Introduction to FIUs course.
Note: all proposals will be confidential, accessible only by the ECOFEL. The ECOFEL will contact only the selected candidate.
Language: English must be used for the proposal.

3.2. The applications must include:
  • Relevant experience: please provide an short summary outlining how you meet the skills outlined in this document.
  • A price proposal: indicating the price for course development.
  • A detailed planning
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