Technical Assistance and Training Working Group (TATWG)

Chair, Technical Assistance and Training Working Group, 2021-2022

The TATWG commits itself to enhance the effectiveness and professionalism of Egmont members and candidate FIUs.

This is done by identifying, developing and delivering technical assistance and training to Egmont members, often in conjunction with Observer organizations or international partners. The TATWG is also working closely with other Working Groups to identify FIU needs and allocate resources to meet those needs.

The TATWG develops quality training packages and follows up on current training projects. Additionally, the TATWG organizes and implements breakout and training sessions at major Egmont Group events, other specific Egmont Group training opportunities as well as other events when required. 

The following products have been delivered successfully over the past few years:  

  • Tactical Analysis Course (TAC)
  • Strategic Analysis Course (SAC)
  • Corporate Vehicles and Financial Products Course (CorFin)
  • Egmont AML/CTF Supervisory Course (ESC)
  • FIU Information System  Maturity Model (FISMM)
  • Securing an FIU

The TATWG also organizes the Best Egmont Case Award (BECA). The BECA is an annual contest designed to encourage Egmont members to contribute to the Group’s money laundering and terrorist financing case database to benefit FIUs and AML/CFT stakeholders.  

Looking into the future

While agreeing that onsite training offers numerous advantages, the TATWG also develops eLearning tools to allow for cost-effective dissemination and extended outreach to recipients. 

Mr. Amr S. RASHED (EMLCU, Egypt) will serve as Chair of the TATWG until 2022. The TATWG Vice-Chairs are Ms. Maria E. HOLGUÍN LÓPEZ (UAF-DomRep, Dominican Republic) and Mr. Meriton SHOSHI (NJIF-K, Kosovo).