Policy and Procedures Working Group (PPWG)

Mrs. Anne Mette WADMAN
Chair, Policy and Procedures Working Group, 2018-2020

The PPWG mandate is to develop operational policy and provide advice on strategic issues impacting the Egmont Group, including the effective exchange of information and adherence to international standards.

The PPWG has become the custodian of key Egmont Group documents – the charter, principles of information exchange and operational guidance. PPWG seeks through its policy development and projects to ensure FIUs exchange intelligence and expertise in ways that meet the challenges of the money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CFT) environment.

PPWG also supports the relationships that Egmont has with partners like the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and as one example of PPWG’s work, it enabled through a balanced policy framework, the direct access of Egmont Observer organisations to Egmont’s secure platform – aiding collaboration and engagement on AML/CFT.

The overall role of the PPWG includes providing strategic advice to assist the Egmont Committee and broader Egmont Group and assisting other working groups in particular the Information and Exchange Working Group, implement operational findings or develop related policy or advice. Current priorities for PPWG include the types of financial intelligence that FIUs should access and how FIUs can best operate within national and the international CFT architecture.

The PPWG is chaired by Mrs. Anne Mette WADMAN (EFE, Norway). Mrs. Elvira KROSS (MOT, Aruba) and Mrs. Anne Marie KEMNA (FIU Curaçao) are the PPWG Vice-Chairs.