Outcomes from the IEWG’s July 2021 Meetings

Over the past few weeks, the Information Exchange Working Group (IEWG) conducted several successful project team and group meetings.
The IEWG meetings provided attendees with essential updates and presentations on emerging AML/CFT trends such as:

  • Assessing the role of FIUs in the asset recovery process;
  • The early detection and successful tackling of laundromat cases;
  • The successful cooperation with the regulated VASPs and the broad FinTech industry;
  • The FIU capabilities and role in fighting extreme-right wing TF; and
  • Countering ML of the proceeds of corruption with a specific focus on COVID-19 related risks.

During these meetings, the new Chair of the IEWG, Ms. Sarah PAQUET (FINTRAC, Canada), was officially welcomed into her role. The IEWG also welcomed two new Vice-Chairs, Mr. Oscar Calvillo (IVE-Guatemala), FIU Guatemala, and Dr. Michael Masiapato (FIC, South Africa).
The IEWG meetings also served to approve the 2021-2022 IEWG Business Plan and several project outcomes from ongoing IEWG projects, including:

  • eCatalogue on Regulated VASPs;
  • Extreme Right-Wing TF; and
  • Flexible, Consistent Information Exchange Standards.

The IEWG Chair would like to thank all meeting attendees for their active participation.