OSCE Programme Office in Astana trains notaries and advocates on countering money laundering and terrorism financing

ASTANA, 16 August 2016 – An OSCE-supported training seminar on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) for some 45 notaries, advocates and government officials took place today in Astana. The event was organized by the OSCE Programme Office in co-operation with the Finance Ministry’s Financial Monitoring Committee.   

International expert presented AML/CFT instruments, standards and best OSCE practices in the non-financial sector. Special emphasis was placed on the responsibilities of advocates and lawyers during the real estate and movable property transactions as well as cases requiring additional control and follow-up procedures. Participants also learned ways to enhance co-operation between the non-financial sector and authorities and developed internal control rules for their organizations during a practical exercise.

Sofia Aisagaliyeva, the Acting Head of the Financial Monitoring Committee, emphasized the need to work with lawyers, notaries and other actors of the non-financial sector: “We have to equip them with the necessary tools to analyse money laundering and terrorism financing risks. The experience of the OSCE participating States will help minimize these risks."

“Forms and methods of money laundering and the financing of terrorism have become more and more sophisticated,” said Rati Japaridze, Economic and Environmental Officer of the OSCE Programme Office in Astana. “Our task is to prevent and counter those crimes through effective co-operation between domestic public and private entities as well as international law enforcement bodies.”

The event is the second in a series of four training seminars on AML/CFT and builds on the Office’s multi-year efforts on promoting good governance and combating money laundering and terrorism financing.