Observers of the Egmont Group must meet the following elgibility criteria to apply for Observer status:

  1.  be governmental or inter-governmental;
  2.  be non-profit;
  3.  have a stated role relating to AML/CFT;
  4.  support the objectives of the Egmont Group;
  5.  enhance the Egmont Group’s global reach, geographic goals, and/or AML/CFT objectives;
  6.  be able to make a contribution to the work of the Egmont Group.


To apply for an Observer status with the Egmont Group, an authorized person from the organization should write to the Chair of the Egmont Group (cc the Executive Secretary) expressing an interest in becoming an Egmont Group Observer. This expression of interest should:

  1.  provide information on the organization and its activities, including a note of its relevance to AML/CFT;
  2.  define the objectives sought behind holding Egmont Group Observer status;
  3.  declare clear support for and implementation of the principles and objectives of the Egmont Group;
  4.  describe the means by which it could make a contribution to the work of the Egmont Group;


The Executive Secretary will acknowledge the correspondence and submit the expression of interest to the Egmont Committee for consideration and, if accepted, referral to the Heads of FIUs for endorsement.

Observer Organisations