Middle East and North Africa Region

Regional Representative, Middle East and Northern Africa Region, 2021-2023

The world is facing unprecedented challenges that necessitate further cooperation among FIUs in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, while attributing terrorist financing related matters a top priority. 

The EG MENA region currently comprises 14 FIUs representing the jurisdictions of: People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Kingdom of Bahrain, Arab Republic of Egypt, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, State of Kuwait, Republic of Lebanon, Kingdom of Morocco, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of the Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Palestine. 

According to the EG charter, the following are among the main roles of regional groups: 

  • Supporting and contributing to the activities of the Egmont WGs. 
  • Preparing a Regional Plan.    
  • Facilitating the support and sponsorship of non-Egmont member FIUs in the region to join the Egmont Group.

As such, the MENA regional representative (Kuwait’s FIU), is an Egmont Committee (EC) member. Other FIUs from the region undertake leading functions: 

  • Egypt FIU –  Chair of the Technical Assistance & Training WG and Vice Chair of the Membership, Support, and Compliance WG
  • Morocco FIU – Vice Chairs of the Information Exchange on ML/TF WG

The MENA regional plan has been developed to cover a range of issues and goals which include working, coordinating and assisting non-Egmont FIUs from the region to attain Egmont Group membership, and promoting synergy between the EG and the MENAFATF in implementation of the overall goal of the EG to “go regional” and better align with FATF/FSRBs. Training, technical assistance and FIU capacity building matters are other important topics covered in the regional plan.