Membership, Support, and Compliance Working Group

Chair, Membership, Support, and Compliance Working Group, 2020-2022

The MSCWG is tasked with ensuring that the high standards and membership criteria are not just applied to new members but also to existing member FIUs. In order to do that the MSCWG must work closely and tactfully with all parties. The MSCWG has a mandate from our governing body, the Heads of FIU to assess new members are fulfilling the legal and operational criteria against the revised international AML/CTF standards and to provide recommendations to assist them in making informed decisions concerning applicant FIUs. Through the establishment of support teams, existing members have an opportunity to address limitations using action plans and the sharing of expertise and experience.   

The maintenance of high standards amongst our units who hold the most sensitive of information is vital to ensure that we maintain the effective lines of communication between those tasked with the detection and prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Over the past few years our work has also dovetailed with key international partners. It is through the continuous monitoring and response to a number of triggers which invokes further review of FIUs that we maintain the confidence not just of our peers but all those involved in the prevention and detection of these most serious of crimes. It is only when all FIUs are working in unison and at the very high standards set by our peers that our pivotal roles in our respective jurisdictions ensures the effective and meaningful exchange of information and cooperation that is needed. The MSCWG will continue to engage closely with our key international partners, our regional representatives, and other stakeholders in order to achieve its mandate.

The MSCWG is chaired by Mr. Manoj KAUSHIK (FIU-India). Mr. Abdelsattar ELNAJAR (EMLCU, Egypt) and Mr. Fuad ALIYEV (FMS-Azerbaijan) serve as the MSCWG Vice-Chairs.