Benefits of Egmont Group Membership

The Egmont Group provides a forum for FIUs around the world to enhance support to their respective governments in the fight against money laundering, financing of terrorism and other financial crimes. This support includes:

  1. Expanding and systematizing international cooperation in the reciprocal exchange of financial intelligence information

  2. Increasing the effectiveness of FIUs by offering training and personnel exchanges to improve the expertise and capabilities of personnel employed by FIUs

  3. Fostering better and secure communication among FIUs through the application of technology, presently via the Egmont Secure Web (ESW)

  4. Promoting the establishment of FIUs in jurisdictions without a national anti-money laundering/financing of terrorism program in place, or in areas with a program in the first stages of development.

The value of information exchange on an international level in support of respective law enforcement efforts has proven to be highly significant. FIUs have a unique ability to exchange financial information that may be helpful in following the financial trail in law enforcement investigations, including those related to terrorism and uncovering criminal assets. This information could stem from suspicious or unusual transaction reports or other disclosures from the financial sector and other obliged entities, as well as government administrative data and public record information. Opening and maintaining this line of communication among the Egmont Group of FIUs benefits law enforcement efforts globally by providing another potential source of foreign financial intelligence that may be critical to a national investigation. Information exchange between FIUs has a high value since sometimes it is the only portal for an exchange of financial intelligence between jurisdictions. The Egmont Group’s main mission is to foster information exchange and international cooperation as outlined in the Group’s “Principles for Information Exchange”.

In addition to the success of developing the Principles for Information Exchange, Egmont has created a secure encrypted capability to share information over the Internet. Egmont’s Secure Web system (ESW) permits members of the group to communicate with one another via secure e-mail. Egmont members are able to exchange operational information knowing that the information is communicated in a secure way, will be safeguarded at the receiving end, and acted upon appropriately and in a timely fashion.
This Egmont Secure Web system also allows Egmont members access to meeting minutes and related documents, contact information of all members, and sanitized case typologies.

As part of the recognized global network of FIUs, Egmont members can take advantage of the cooperation and mutual assistance fostered by the group. Meetings and workshops provide a forum for the sharing of best practices, and allow all members to participate in Egmont Group decision-making processes. Members share experiences and ideas, offer advice, and learn from the successes and mistakes of colleagues. The Egmont Group has fostered a collegial environment over the years, a forum of goodwill where colleagues meet, become acquainted and openly and eagerly assist one another.