Information Exchange Working Group Meetings


The Information Exchange Working Group (IEWG) held a series of successful virtual meetings from January 29th until February 4th, 2021.

The IEWG meeting included both general and breakout sessions. With over 500 registered participants, the IEWG had many successful discussions on topics such as:

  • IEWG Projects:
    • Asset Recovery Project: the purpose of this project is to understand better the role of FIUs in tracing criminal assets, suspension/freezing powers, Cooperation with Asset Recovery Offices (AROs) and case collection.
    • Laundromats Project: this project aims to gain insights from past money laundering schemes and to develop products to better uncover them.
    • FIU-FinTech Cooperation Project: this project focuses on modern developments in finance.
    • Flexible, Consistent Information Exchange Standards Project: this collaborative project is designed to further optimize Egmont Group members' cooperation through their IT systems.
    • Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism Financing Project: this project examines money flows related to right-wing terrorism.
  • Emerging risks and trends
  • Digital Transformation
  • Corruption and Asset Recovery

IEWG also hosted a meeting for IT professionals for an in-depth exchange on technical information and to focus on initiatives from an IT perspective and digital transformation.

Following the IEWG Vice-Chair election, the IEWG welcomes Ms. Nuralia Rahim from FIU Brunei to its Leadership team, pending Egmont Committee approval.

The IEWG would like to thank the FATF President, Dr. Marcus Pleyer, for attending and presenting during the IEWG’s meeting on February 2nd. IEWG also thanks all participants for their active contributions to the discussions.