Executive Mentorship Program ECOFEL | Become a Mentor!

Many Heads of FIUs have long recognized the benefits of sharing experiences, skills, ideas, and best practices with other Heads of FIUs. With this in mind, ECOFEL has created an Executive Mentorship Program, specifically designed for Heads of FIUs.

For this (pilot) program, ECOFEL is looking for experienced Heads of FIUs that would like to become a mentor. The mentor will provide guidance, skills training, and knowledge that would improve communication, decision-making and problem-solving competencies of the mentee. The overall objective is to develop networks of support between Heads of FIU with the goal of promoting excellence and leadership. For more information please download the Mentorship Program brochure below.

Link: Mentorship Program brochure

If you are an experienced active or former Head of FIU and you are interested in helping other Heads of FIUs to achieve excellence, we invite you to sign up as a mentor for the ECOFEL Executive Mentorship Program.

Link: https://www.research.net/r/ECOFEL-Mentorship