Europe II Region

Ms. Oxana GISCA
Regional Representative, Europe II Region, 2021-2023

Regional Representative, Europe II Region, 2020-2022


The regional footprint of the Egmont Group FIUs will provide for regional representives a platform to advocate the needs and concerns of the regional units, liaise effectively with the Egmont Committee and ensure a streamlined process of communication with the relevant working groups as well as fully promote the exchange of views concerning further consolidation of our capabilities to tackle money laundering and financing of terrorism in our jurisdictions and beyond.

In this regard the regional representatives will be fully commited in the effective implementation of the FATF Recommendations by FIUs in Europe II, particularly R.29 and R.40, leverage as much as possible the information and best practices developed by the Egmont working groups, leverage FIU expertise across the region and beyond in order to maximize opportunities to provide technical assistance to members in need as well as fully support the heretofore as well as future work undertaken in order to expand and systematize the exchange of financial intelligence information  in accordance with the Principles and Best Practices for the Exchange of Information.