Egmont Group HoFIU Meetings

The Egmont Group will be organizing various webinars, operational training sessions and Working and Regional Group meetings between June and July 2021.
The Egmont Committee agreed that this year’s HoFIU webinars should explore the topic of “Implementation of a risk-based approach in FIU operations.” Accordingly, three webinars, from July 6th to 8th, will provide attending HoFIU or designated senior representatives with the opportunity to discuss the subject from different lenses, including:

  •  FIUs and the Risk-Based Approach: An Environmental Scan and Implementation
  •  FIU Processes and Data Protection in the Application of the Risk-based Approach
  •  FIU Making a Difference: Enhancing Capacity and Capability of FIUs in Producing High-quality Financial Intelligence through the Risk-based Approach

In addition to the HoFIU webinars, the TATWG, in consultation with the IEWG, organize four operational training sessions running between July 5th – 9th. Session topics include:

  • The Flexible, Consistent Information Exchange Standards – Moving to Production
  • Combatting Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: One Year Later
  • Tackling Human Trafficking

Working Group meetings will run between June 28th and July 2nd. Additionally, the EGS is working with the Regional Representatives to organize Regional Groups meetings from July 12th – 16th, 2021.