Egmont Group at GAFILAT Plenary Meeting

Egmont Group at GAFILAT Plenary Meeting

The Egmont Group Executive Secretary, Mr. Jerome BEAUMONT, was invited by Mr. Sergio ESPINOSA, President of GAFILAT, Egmont Group's Regional Representative to the Americas and former Egmont Group Chair, to present at the GAFILAT Plenary this past week.

Mr. BEAUMONT presented the latest Egmont Group developments with a focus on recent publications, including:

  • Compendium on Enhanced Public-Public Cooperation
  • Countering Terrorist Financing Threat from Lone Actors and Small Cells
  • FIU Tools and Practices for Investigating Laundering of the Proceeds of Corruption
  • Bulletin on Professional Money Laundering Facilitators
  • Bulletin on Business Email Compromise Fraud

Mr. BEAUMONT also highlighted the work done by the Egmont Group on FIU Operational Independence and Autonomy and provided updates on the ECOFEL Program, including the eLearning Platform and Mentorship Program.

This Plenary marks the last GAFILAT meeting chaired by Mr. ESPINOSA. Mrs. Wendy Lora PEREZ, Director General of Unidad de Analisis Financiero (UAF) from the Dominican Republic will succeed Mr. Espinosa as President of GAFILAT.