Egmont Committee

The Egmont Committee serves as the consultation and coordination mechanism for the HoFIUs and the Working Groups. Its primary functions include assisting the Egmont Group in a range of activities, from internal coordination and administration, to representation at other international fora. It also oversees the work of the Egmont Group Secretariat. The Egmont Committee is comprised of permanent and regional members. The Egmont Committee is currently made up of the chair of the Egmont Group that serves as the chair of the Egmont Committee, two Vice-Chairs, the Chairs of the four working groups, regional representatives from Americas, Asia and Pacific, East and Southern Africa, Eurasia, Europe I, Europe II, Middle East and Northern Africa, West and Central Africa, a representative of the host of the Egmont Secure Website (FinCEN, United States), and the Executive Secretary of the Egmont Group.