Egmont Centre of FIU Excellence and Leadership (ECOFEL)


Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) are central to a country’s success in combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Operationally strong FIUs significantly contribute to global efforts supporting system-wide financial integrity. ECOFEL has been created as an engine and hub to further assist FIUs as they strive towards excellence and leadership.

ECOFEL’s goal is to protect, position and promote FIUs within their national systems as well as internationally.

ECOFEL aims to:

  • Share expertise and best practice amongst FIUs
  • Build networks within the AML/CFT community of professionals
  • Introduce new and innovative tools for FIU operations and development
  • Strengthen cooperation with international partner organizations
  • Empower FIUs to position themselves domestically and internationally as leaders

Activities will include mentoring, coaching, staff exchanges, specialized training courses, a library of reference materials, E-Learning platform development and other mechanisms of support.

ECOFEL has been active since April 2018. It is fully integrated in the Egmont Group and located within the Egmont Group Secretariat in Canada.

The Team:

The team is made up of experienced Senior Officers with extensive experience working within FIUs, the Egmont Group, and the wider AML/CFT environment.

Request for Assistance

ECOFEL supports Egmont members, candidates and non-members with capacity building activities like, Mentoring and Coaching, Specialized Training Courses, Analysis and Research Products and Staff Exchanges.

We will make every effort to find a solution to your request. Please fill out the Request for Assistance form so that we can provide you with the best possible assistance.


Request for Partnership and Collaboration

ECOFEL seeks to build effective partnerships and to combine efforts and resources in pursuit of common goals. We value your interest in collaborating with us and welcome opportunities to explore the possibilities of working with you. If you are interested please complete the Request for Partnership and Collaboration form. 



The ECOFEL eLearning platform has been developed to deliver professional training and knowledge to FIU personnel across the globe and empower FIUs to strive towards excellence and leadership. New course material will be introduced on a regular basis based on the learning needs of FIUs. We invite all FIU personnel to register yourself at The registration is open to all member and candidate FIUs. 

Mentorship Program

The work of a Head of FIU (HoFIU) is often demanding due to the ever increasing national and international pressure on FIUs. It can be a challenge to find solutions to complex day-to-day operational issues. In recognition of these challenges, ECOFEL has created an Executive Mentorship Program. The program is exclusively designed for HoFIUs with the goal of providing HoFIUs with advice from a mentor who has been or is a HoFIU.

Each mentor is carefully selected and trained by the ECOFEL team. The program offers an excellent opportunity for sharpening communication, decision-making and problem-solving competencies and learn from someone who knows what it’s like to be in your position. Sharing observations, skills, ideas and best practices with an seasoned HoFIU is an enriching and highly rewarding experience. The level of time commitment for the program is completely up to you and your mentor.

If you want to learn from an experienced Head of FIU we invite you to sign up for the ECOFEL Executive Mentorship Program as a mentee.


ECOFEL is looking for experienced Heads of FIUs that would like to become a mentor. If you are an experienced active or former Head of FIU and you are interested in helping other Heads of FIUs to achieve excellence, we invite you to sign up as a mentor for the ECOFEL Executive Mentorship Program.


ECOFEL Roster of Experts:

Download the Roster of Experts Application - PDF 

Download the Roster of Experts Application - Word version

Want to contribute to ECOFEL & Egmont Group?

The Egmont Group acknowledges that additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) are a valuable supplement to the contributions coming from the member FIUs. The organization welcomes and utilizes AVCs, which may include donor-supported funding or in-kind contributions. The purpose of AVCs is to foster the leadership and excellence of FIUs and to promote their operational independence and autonomy by offering training and technical assistance, capacity building, promoting personnel exchanges, developing operational and strategic collaboration, and maintaining and granting access to a secure channel for information exchange between FIUs.

The Egmont Group’s Additional Voluntary Contributions Program highlights the criteria used by the organization for accepting donor-supported funding or in-kind contributions and the principles for administering them in compliance with good governance.

The Egmont Group’s Additional Voluntary Contributions Program can be found here.

Thank you for your interest in ECOFEL.

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