EG Chair Money Laundering Bulletin Interview

Last month, the Chair of the Egmont Group, Mrs. Hennie Verbeek-Kusters, sat down with Mr. Keith Nuthall from Money Laundering Bulletin to conduct a video interview.

The 30-minute interview explored the challenges and impacts of COVID-19 on the AML/CFT system. Mrs. Verbeek-Kusters elaborated on how FIUs have adapted to the pandemic to continue their work and information exchanges with the Egmont Group, offering support to members throughout the pandemic. The EG Chair affirmed that despite the pandemic, the amount of information shared amongst FIUs has not changed. Subjects like terrorist financing, the misappropriation of public funds resulting from COVID-19 spurred financial aid programs, child sexual abuse and exploitation were examined through a COVID-19 lens.

The interview also covered several key Egmont Group projects and areas of interest, such as;


Money Laundering Bulletin has graciously made the interview publicly available, please click here to access the video.