ECOFEL | Introduction to Strategic Analysis eLearning course

The ECOFEL is proud to announce the launch of the Introduction to Strategic Analysis eLearning course!

This new eLearning course seeks to help learners understand the skills, practices and standards required to prepare quality FIU strategic analysis products and advise them on the availability and usefulness of a range of specific tools.

The eLearning course is comprised of the following sessions:

  1. Introduction: an overview of strategic analysis, particularly within the FIU context.
  2. Mindsets, Biases, and Assumptions: factors that influence our thinking and ways to overcome these mindsets and biases will be presented. An examination of critical thinking and some tools that can facilitate more creative thinking will be introduced.
  3. Critical Thinking: ways to overcome mindsets, biases, and assumptions using critical thinking and structured analytical techniques.
  4. Understanding Strategic Analysis: an exploration of strategic analysis, its benefits, product range and more.
  5. Indicators, Typologies, and Trends: understand and differentiate between indicators, typologies and trends. 
  6. Intelligence Cycle: each stage of the intelligence cycle, the step-by-step process that ensures analysis is conducted logically and thoroughly, will be briefly presented.
  7. Information Sources Administration: users will examine the identification of sources, the use of open sources and the validation of sources.
  8. Test: knowledge test to earn your eLearning course certificate.


By the end of the eLearning course, users will be able to understand:

  • the uses and benefits of strategic analysis;
  • the stages in the development of a strategic analysis product;
  • the importance of being aware of the mindsets and biases as well as measures to minimize their negative effects;
  • project planning and collection planning according to the intelligence cycle;
  • specific techniques and tools to facilitate strategic analysis activities.

Designed with strategic analysts in mind, the Strategic Analysis eLearning course would also be a great benefit to FIU management, operational analysts, legal and international cooperation staff and other FIU employees that support strategic analysts.

This course is available for FIUs on the eLearning platform:

Additionally, the ECOFEL developed a Strategic Analysis Learning plan. The learning plan comprises the eLearning Course, four live webinars conducted by seasoned experts in the production of strategic analysis, as well as assignments and the production of a strategic analysis project.

Congratulations to the first generation of FIU analysts from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia for completing this eLearning course. Likewise, ECOFEL wants to express our appreciation to the partners that facilitated the subject matter experts to develop the content and conducting the live webinar, thanks FIU Moldova, FIU Trinidad and Tobago, and Department against Transnational Organized Crime (DTOC- OAS). Last but not least, thanks to our implementing partners in the Western Balkans Region, the Global Program Combating Illicit Financial Flows of GIZ.