Changes within the Egmont Committee – Mr. Marko Stolle


Mr. Marko STOLLE, Egmont Group Vice-Chair and Chair of the Information Exchange Working Group, has stepped down from his EC positions due to his departure from FIU Germany.

Mr. Stolle has been active within the Egmont Group community since 2017. Beginning in 2018, Mr. Stolle served as the Chair of the IEWG and, in 2020, served additionally as EG Vice-Chair.

Mr. Stolle spearheaded numerous initiatives within the EG and always encouraged participation in discussions during meetings. In addition, Mr. Stolle’s well-reasoned stances and hard work allowed his Working Group and the overall organization to progress on critical and strategic matters. His EC colleagues will miss him.

As a whole, the Egmont Group thanks Mr. Stolle for his commitment and contributions to the EG and the wider AML/CFT community. The Egmont Group wishes Mr. Stolle all the best in his future endeavours and hopes to cross paths in the future.