Changes within the Egmont Committee – Mr. Bernardo Mota


Mr. Bernardo MOTA, Chair of the Technical Assistance and Training Working Group, has left his EC position due to his departure from the Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF), Brazil.

Mr. Mota joined the Egmont Committee in 2020. During Mr. Mota's tenure as Chair of the TATWG, the Best Egmont Case Award was completed. Mr. Mota was also an active member of the MSCWG, bringing his expertise in closer reviews of FIUs under the Support and Compliance Process.

The Egmont Group thanks Mr. Mota for his contributions to the global AML/CFT community and the Egmont Group. The Egmont Group wishes Mr. Mota all the best in his future endeavours.

The Egmont Group also takes this opportunity to welcome the new Chair of the TATWG, Mr. Leopoldo QUIRÓS (UAFE-Ecuador).