Changes within the EC

Changes within the EC

Mr. Daniel Thelesklaf

Mr. Daniel Thelesklaf has stepped down as Regional Representative for the Egmont Group’s Europe II Region.

Mr. Thelesklaf has long been involved in the work of the Egmont Group. Mr. Thelesklaf previously served as the Chair of the former Training Working Group and the Vice-Chair of the Technical Assistance and Training Working Group before becoming the Regional Representative for Europe II.

The Egmont Group would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Thelesklaf for his contributions not only to the Egmont Group itself, but to the global AML/CFT community. Mr. Thelesklaf was always very engaged in the work of the Egmont Committee and would encourage collaboration and dialogue among his Committee-members through his charisma and professionalism. The Egmont Group sincerely appreciated his dedication, integrity and hard work.

The Egmont Group has internally launched a call for a new Europe II Regional Representative.

Other changes within the EC

We also wish to thank two outgoing EC members, Ms. Lucie Castets and Mr. D M. Rupasinghe, for their contributions to the Egmont Group during their time as the Regional Representatives for the Europe I and Asia Pacific regions, respectively.

Ms. Castets: we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Mr. Rupasinghe: we wish you a wonderful retirement.