Asia and Pacific Region

Dr. John MOSS
Regional Representative, Asia and Pacific Region, 2021-2022

Ms. Nuralia RAHIM
Regional Representative, Asia and Pacific Region, 2021-2023

The Asia & Pacific region comprises of a diverse group of FIUs from very large economies to small developing island economies. There are currently 28 FIUs that are members of the Asia & Pacific region and there are 15 candidate FIUs. The region has been working to strengthen inter-regional information exchange between regional Egmont member FIUs and where possible non-Egmont FIUs. The region has established a platform for networking and capacity building of Egmont members and candidates by working closely with the Asia Pacific Group (APG) on Money Laundering. Our member FIUs have been active participants in the APG and Egmont meetings, working groups, projects and other events.

The diversity of our region is also reflected in the capacity of the FIUs as there are both well-developed and relatively low institutional capacity FIUs. As a result there are many opportunities to develop these low institutional capacity FIUs both within the region and from outside the region.